2022 Past Activities

Our 10-1/2 year old grandson, Ryan, spent the weekend with us at the lake.  It was not raining on Sunday, so we took the Hawk on a cruise to our local A&W for lunch on Sunday.  It was the first time Ryan got to ride in it.  He has declared the Hawk his new favorite old car and says he likes it better than modern cars.  Here are his top 3 reasons:

1.  You can roll the windows down with a handle.

2.  It has seatbelts like on an airplane.

3.  He can reach the pedals and look over the dash.

Look out world….in 5 years he will have a driver’s license.

Loss of long time Tumbleweeds Member Jim Hapip 

2021 Past Activities

Jeff Harmon - Danny Barnett - Mark Westberg 

at Atomic Motors open house

Saturday 10/9

Lunch at Bob’s Big Boy in Indian Springs

Saturday June 26th

2020 Past Activities

Lunch at the Dam Brewery - Saturday March 14th.

5 young and healthy members braved the Coronavirus

January 25th - Breakfast at The Omelet House

Tour of Phil Maloof Collection