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By Richard Dormois

Vice President, Studebaker National Foundation

Chartered as a Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation,

the Studebaker National Foundation has a problem

and, hopefully, you can help solve it while benefiting yourself,

a friend or a loved one. Primary among our three objectives

is providing educational scholarships to qualified

students seeking higher education in a field related to

automobile preservation or restoration. Note that I said,

“related to”. Each scholarship application is reviewed on

an individual basis by our liberal scholarship committee

which determines if your field is related and makes a recommendation

to the Board of Directors. A lot of weight is

placed on the letter you write to the committee.

Most of us think of someone seeking a scholarship

as being a young person entering college out of high

school. The Studebaker National Foundation scholarship

is offered to any qualified student, regardless of age or

where they are on their educational journey. For instance,

if a qualified high school senior wishes to enter an accredited

college or university in the hope of learning about

something automotive, he or she will likely qualify for a

scholarship. On the other end of the spectrum, if someone

is seeking a PhD in a related field and needs help financially,

submitting an application for a Foundation scholarship

is encouraged. It needs to be made clear here that

the scholarship is currently fifteen hundred dollars

($1,500.00) for each semester, trimester or quarter and

upon successful completion of each, the student is encouraged

to reapply. Several have, to take them through

to graduation.

While the student or the student’s sponsor should

be a member of the Studebaker Drivers Club, the Avanti

Owners Association International or the Antique Studebaker

Club when the scholarship is granted, the course of

study nor the college or university need be Studebaker


All this being said, WE STILL HAVE GOT A

PROBLEM. We simply are not receiving scholarship applications,

although our treasury can accommodate them. I

think one of the reasons is that the Advertising arm of the

Studebaker National Foundation is not doing an adequate

job of getting the word out. We have been in the business

of helping people get through college for fourteen years

and too few have been helped. I am reaching out to you

through this newsletter to help us turn this around.

Look at,

complete the application and send it to the Studebaker

National Foundation treasurer Brian Millette, 41633 N.

Emerald Lake Dr., Anthem, Arizona 85086 without delay.

Contact him at or 602-300-5313 with


A big Thank You to Larry Swanson of Sun City

West, Arizona for helping us distribute this article to you.

The Studebaker National Foundation does much

more than scholarships and I’ll tell you more about that in

the next article. Be safe.



In commemoration of the second anniversary of Chuck’s passing, his daughter, Pat Naugle-Daniels has started another scholarship to help a student attending classes in an automotive related field. If you would like to help fund the scholarship, you can send a check to the Studebaker National Foundation treasurer Brian Millette, 41633 N. Emerald Lake Dr., Anthem, Arizona 85086.


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