Our next monthly meeting will be Wednesday October 19th at The Skyline.  Dinner at 6 - Meeting at 7.

Our 10-1/2 year old grandson, Ryan, spent the weekend with us at the lake.  It was not raining on Sunday, so we took the Hawk on a cruise to our local A&W for lunch on Sunday.  It was the first time Ryan got to ride in it.  He has declared the Hawk his new favorite old car and says he likes it better than modern cars.  Here are his top 3 reasons:

1.  You can roll the windows down with a handle.

2.  It has seatbelts like on an airplane.

3.  He can reach the pedals and look over the dash.

Look out world….in 5 years he will have a driver’s license.

Loss of long time Tumbleweeds Member Jim Hapip 

Danny’s Lark on the cover of the Review Journal July 15th

Fellow Tumbleweeds Members,

We arrived in Michigan after a trip chocked full of beautiful scenery and adventure. It’s been non-stop busy since we arrived, but I do plan to send you a trip report to share with the Studebaker Club once I have a bit more free time.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you that the Hawk was accepted into the 2022 Greenfield Village Motor Muster. We are parked across from the Stephen Foster house listening to a retro 70’s rock band, whose members are wearing wigs to look more period appropriate. Their lead singer stopped by before “changing into his costume” to say how much he admired the Hawk as it is the car he wants to get “someday”.

This morning we were in the “Pass-In-Review” where it was announced that we had driven from NV, making the Hawk the car driven the furthest for the show. Pretty cool.

We are both wearing our Tumbleweeds name badges and that was prompted the start of several interesting conversations, including one yesterday where I was mistaken for an employee and asked for directions to the “Henry Ford Home”.

Here are some photos from our stint here at the Motor Muster.

Norma Calder

Fosco’s new project                 1958 President Hardtop


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